In Win Metal Suit GD AL-13 Mid Tower Chassis Review


The In Win Metal Suit GD AL-13 certainly has a lot of extra features you wouldn’t find in many other cases. In Win has spent the time to add extra time and tool saving techniques on this case, most of which I enjoy. I do however believe this chassis lacks a quality door and leaves some simple tasks more difficult than they should be.

With a price ranging in at about $100 online I’d have a hard time determining whether this case is worth the price. On one hand it has a lot of additional beneficial features that aren’t typically seen on cases, while on the other hand these features seem to overcrowd the chassis. Overall Think Computers would like to award the In Win Metal Suit GD AL-13 Mid Tower Chassis an 8 out of 10 score.


– Unique cooling system
– Many additions to save time and tools
– Interesting design


– Overcrowded
– Front bezel difficult to remove
– Unstable door latch