Inno3D Announces Liquid-cooled GeForce RTX 4090 iChill Frostbite Ultra And Frostbite Pro

Inno3D has introduced two new liquid-cooled RTX 4090 GPUs, each with distinct features. For those who might have missed the news, it’s essential to know that Inno3D now offers two liquid-cooled RTX 4090 graphics cards: the iChill Frostbite and iChill Black (shown later in the post). Both cards share the same PCB design but have slight differences in their water cooling setups. The iChill Black model includes a full water loop with an external 240mm radiator, while the iChill Frostbite requires an existing custom loop due to its waterblock, which cannot function independently.

IMG 6811

The Frostbite Ultra showcases a 24+4 VRM phase design and is equipped with a default 500W TDP, which can be customized up to 600W through available software options. Notably, the card incorporates chrome-plated G1/4″ threads, an important factor to consider when planning a new PC build or upgrading an existing one. In terms of performance, the Ultra boasts an impressive 2595 MHz boost clock.

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The Ultra variant includes an acrylic waterblock with ARGB lighting, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, if a more minimalistic design is preferred, the Frostbite Pro is a suitable option. It features a compact one-slot design without any lighting features. It’s important to mention that both models share the same PCB, but the Pro version comes with a one-slot I/O bracket.

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The Pro model, with its single-slot design, does come with slightly lower specifications when compared to the Ultra. Its boost clock reaches up to 2520 MHz, and it operates with a TDP of 450W. Inno3D has announced that the cards will soon be available through major distributors, but specific pricing details and the list of participating retailers were not included in the official press release.

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Source & Images Credit: Videocardz