Inno3D Launches GeForce RTX 4070 Twin X2 With A Hidden Power Connector

The Inno3D RTX 4070 marks the debut of a new graphics card series by the company, featuring a unique cable management design. During Computex in June, the company unveiled its intention to launch a fresh range of GPUs under the Twin X2 series. This lineup presents a creative cable arrangement that sets it apart from the usual placement found in typical gaming RTX and workstation models. In a departure from the norm, Inno3D’s innovative concept involves hiding the connector beneath a backplate, rather than positioning it in the center or on the side of the GPU.

IMG 7255

This concept allows gamers to thread the cable underneath the backplate and conceal it using a compact cover. This not only hides the cable but also, if the PC case design allows, effectively camouflages it from sight.

IMG 7256

Presently, the RTX 4070 Twin X2 stands as the sole model that adheres to this approach. It utilizes the standard 8-pin power connector. It’s worth noting that, at least for the time being, the company has decided not to utilize the 12VHPWR (12+4-pin) models for this concept. These cables, due to their intricate bending demands, are susceptible to being improperly installed. Concealing the cable further complicates the task of identifying misalignment or, in severe instances, connector melting. To prioritize safety, Inno3D has opted for standard connectors in GPUs with relatively lower power requirements (200W and below).

IMG 7257

The introduction of the company’s first model featuring “Stealth Cable Management” signifies the start of a wider adoption of this design across the mid-range RTX 40 series. It’s quite likely that we’ll soon see the integration of this concept in the upcoming RTX 4060 models.

Via Inno3D