Inno3D RTX 4070 Box Confirms 8-pin Power Connector

It has been confirmed that the Inno3D RTX 4070 non-Ti graphics card will come with an 8-pin power connector. This confirms a rumor that was only a day old about certain RTX 4070 cards possibly being without the new 16-pin (12VHPWR connector). The packaging of the card, which was shared on a Chinese social media platform, explicitly mentions the standard 8-pin connector.

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Based on the information we have about the RTX 4070 SKU, it seems to be the more affordable option that will probably be sold close to the suggested retail price (which NVIDIA hasn’t announced yet). Additionally, it’s one of the initial RTX 4070 cards that we’re aware of which has a cooling system with dual fans.

According to the latest information, the RTX 4070 GPU will come equipped with the AD104-25X GPU that boasts 5888 CUDA cores. Like the RTX 4070 Ti, this model will also utilize 12GB GDDR6X memory via a 192-bit interface. However, the key difference between the two is that the RTX 4070 will have significantly lower power consumption, with reports suggesting a TDP of either 225W or 200W depending on the specific model.

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RTX 4070 is expected to be released on April 13th. The announcement and review embargo are expected to be lifted on April 12th, just prior to the launch.