Intel 14th Gen Core non-K Series Initial Specs Leaked

Chi11eddog, known for providing reliable information on unreleased Intel and AMD hardware, has revealed the latest details about the Intel 14th Gen Core non-K series.

In contrast to earlier rumors, the Core i5-1440 from the upcoming Core non-K series will maintain its 10 cores, rather than having 14 cores as speculated. The leaker has shared a concise summary of the specifications for the upcoming series, which is set to launch in the early part of next year.

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As you may be aware, the Core non-K models are variants of the K-series with lower clock speeds and power consumption, usually released later. The upcoming refresh of the Raptor Lake series, known as the 14th Gen Core series, is anticipated to unveil the 14900K, 14700K, and 14600K models, likely around October. Additionally, the company intends to introduce other models without the K branding, featuring a 65W TDP and limited overclocking capabilities, scheduled for an early release next year.

According to the leaker, the Core i7-14700 will indeed come with 20 cores, similar to the 14700K, making it the most substantial upgrade in the new series. There are speculations that the i5-14400 and i3-14100 might also receive similar upgrades, with more cores than the current lineup. However, the details regarding the latter part are yet to be confirmed. It is currently believed that the i5-14400 will utilize 6 Performance and 4 Efficient cores, maintaining the same core count as its predecessor.

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For the 14th Gen series, there seem to be no significant alterations in terms of base frequency and L3 cache sizes, except for the 14700(K) model, which stands out with a 33MB L3 cache due to its increased core count. The Core i5-14500 will have a slightly improved P-Core base frequency of 2.6 GHz, compared to the current lineup’s 2.5 GHz. Although boost clocks are not mentioned, they are expected to be similar to the K-series, which reportedly run approximately 200 MHz higher than the current lineup.

The Core non-K series is anticipated to be released in the first quarter of next year, potentially marking the final significant update for Intel’s LGA-1700 platform. As for pricing, it is likely that Intel will maintain a similar pricing strategy for the new series without introducing significant changes.