Intel 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake-Refresh Is Indeed Launching In October

During the Bilibili World exhibition in Shanghai, Mechenike, a well-known Chinese PC hardware company, showcased its latest hardware lineup. This includes a redesigned standard gaming desktop PC and a new series of Mini-PC systems, all designed to integrate Intel’s upcoming hardware.

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The main attraction of their exhibit was the latest desktop system, reportedly equipped with Intel’s upcoming CPU set to launch formally in October this year. Interestingly, this timing aligns with Intel’s release plans for the 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake-Refresh for desktops. As per ITHome, Mechenike confirmed that the new Intel Core series will be available in the market within three months.

What makes this system stand out is its anticipated inclusion of PCIe Gen5 storage as a standard feature, making it one of the first to offer this capability. Unlike prebuilt systems using 12th or 13th Gen Core CPUs that initially lacked access to newer PCIe SSDs, the current market now offers a wide range of faster NVMe SSD releases. This could be an appealing selling point for potential customers seeking new hardware options.

In addition, the new system by Mechenike will incorporate the GeForce RTX 40 series GPU. Although the official render did not specify the exact models, it displayed a black GeForce RTX 40 GPU, despite such a variant not currently existing.

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In their lineup of new systems, Mechenike also unveiled new Mini-PCs. According to the report, these systems may have already integrated the new Meteor Lake or Raptor Lake Refresh processors. Intel is anticipated to officially launch these new mobile series by the end of this year.

Via ITHome

Images Credit: Mechenike