Intel 5 Years Behind TSMC According To Analyst

According to Raymond James analyst Chris Caso, Intel’s 10 nm process development could set the company back at least 5 years behind TSMC. In their most recent financial results call, Intel revisited their 10 nm outlook and said that the first 10 nm processors could only come out by the end of 2019.

intel foundry

“Intel’s biggest strategic problem is their delay on 10nm production – we don’t expect a 10nm server chip from Intel for two years,” analyst Chris Caso said in a note to clients Tuesday. “10nm delays create a window for competitors, and the window may never again close.”

The the time Intel releases their first 10 nm product they would have missed several competitive milestones behind TSMC, which is in its final stages of quantitatively rolling out its 7 nm process. Caso is predicting that by the time Intel gets below 10 nm, TSMC and Samsung could be readying their 5 nm or 3 nm processor roll-outs.

Another reports by Rosenblatt Securities in late August was even more brash, it predicted that foundry delays could set Intel back “5, 6, or even 7” years behind their rivals.

Intel has already enlisted the help of TSMC for some of their 14 nm manufacturing. AMD is also planning to rely 100% on TSMC for its future generations of “Zen” processors.

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