Friday, July 20, 2018

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Intel To Have “In-Silicon” Fixes To Meltdown and Spectre This Year

During the earnings call Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made a short statement about the company's commitment to security and said the company would begin to ship products with "in-silicon" fixes for the vulnerabilities this year. This was not elaborated on, but we can assume that these fixes will be included in the 10 nm generation of products.

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GlobalFoundries Could Skip 10nm and Go Right to 7nm

It has been reported that silicon fabrication company GlobalFoundries is planning to skip development of the 10 nanometer (nm) process, and go right to 7 nm. GlobalFoundries currently operates a 14 nm FinFET node. Last year the company acquired semiconductor manufacturing assets from IBM and will be using them to fast-track its development.

Intel Skylake
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Intel Confirms Skylake for Second Half of 2015

In Intel's latest Q4 earnings report they have confirmed that Skylake will land in the second half of 2015, but 10 nm is still a far ways off. Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich has confirmed that the Broadwell delay has not affected the Skylake launch schedule. Intel still plans to release Skylake in the second half of this year around back to school time.

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