Intel Tiger Lake leaked benchmarks shows double the GPU performance

We will be seeing notebooks with Intel Tiger Lake family of processors. Not a lot is known, but one of the appreciated developments is the on-chip graphics. Based on what is seen in the 3DMark benchmark, we could start keeping higher expectations for it.

Intel ready for unleashing ‘The Tiger’

Intel released its 10th generation CPUs and Z490 motherboards We did review the Intel Core i9-10900K LGA 1200 processor on the ASROCK Z490 PG Velocita.  This means Intel will be concentrating on the release of its notebook processors. Notebook variants will be released with the 10nm Tiger Lake family of processors. So far, nothing significant is known. But the new leaked graphics benchmarks indicate massive development and performance.

Comparison against Ice Lake with Intel IRIS graphics

Intel ice lake notebook CPU graphics 3DMark Fire Strike

The upcoming notebook CPUs were benchmarked on 3DMark Fire Strike. The graph shows one Tiger Lake-based i3, one i5 and two i7 CPUs. These were compared to the previous generation i3 and i7 SKUs with Iris graphics. The graphs indicate the Tiger Lake inheriting the same 15w except for one of the Core i7 SKU with 28w TDP.

Improvements in performance per EU

The scores were not mentioned in the graph comparison. But the visuals show an exponential increase in graphics performance. The unnamed base version Core i3 Tiger Lake CPU had 48 execution units which easily outperforms the Ice Lake Core i7 which uses Iris G7 graphics.

it is clear that Intel doesn’t rely on EUs, based on the benchmarks. Rather it indicates a significant increase in performance per execution unit. As a result, Intel mostly was able to get higher clock speeds along with the usual improvements. Notebook manufacturers have been working on 10th generation based units so it shouldn’t take long for these to release. As for AMD, we’ll just have to wait and watch.

Source: Notebook Check

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