Intel To Have “In-Silicon” Fixes To Meltdown and Spectre This Year

Intel recently reported their fourth-quarter financials, which many people were looking to be effected by the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, but that was actually not the case. Intel reported an 8% increase in quarterly revenue, up to $17.1 billion, with the data center, programmable solutions (FPGA), and IoT groups leading the record revenue (excluding McAfee). For 2017 Intel had a healthy 9% YoY growth rate with full revenue for the year at $62.8 billion.

meltdown spectre

During the earnings call Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made a short statement about the company’s commitment to security and said the company would begin to ship products with “in-silicon” fixes for the vulnerabilities this year. This was not elaborated on, but we can assume that these fixes will be included in the 10 nm generation of products. It was also mentioned that Intel plans to continue developing its 14nm products in 2018 so that could me another round (refresh) of 14 nm products. These chips might have “in-silicon” fixes for Meltdown and Spectre as well.

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