Intel 700 & 600 Motherboards From MSI Now Support 256 GB DDR5 Memory

MSI has recently incorporated DDR5 memory support, allowing up to 256 GB, in its Intel 700 & 600 motherboards. The CAMM standard, embraced by laptops, is bringing ongoing innovation to the PC memory sector. Additionally, upcoming 64 GB DDR5 modules promise double the capacity compared to previous options.

MSI 256 GB DDR5 Memory Capacity

In the past year, there was a surge in non-binary DIMMs, ranging from 24 to 48 GB, elevating desktop memory capacities to 192 GB. Presently, memory manufacturers are crafting cutting-edge 64 GB modules, raising DDR5 capacities to 256 GB. Previously, achieving 128 GB required four DDR5 sticks; now, just two are enough.

Having a higher memory capacity offers numerous benefits, especially in applications such as content creation, rendering, and upcoming AI software suites that can unexpectedly utilize significant memory. Increased memory can also lead to performance enhancements for the overall system in such scenarios.

MSI has released its latest BIOS for Intel 700 & 600 series motherboards, highlighting significant compatibility advantages. Unlike other manufacturers that necessitated disabling features like 4G, Resizeable Bar, & Remapping to access the full 256 GB capacities, MSI’s latest BIOS eliminates this requirement. Users can now enjoy a seamless 256 GB experience on their boards without disabling any features.


Renowned hardware insider and leaker chi11eddog, has shared a screenshot on X, featuring the MSI Z790 Carbon MAX WIFI motherboard seamlessly handling 256 GB DDR5-4800 memory paired with an Intel Core i9-14900K CPU. Exploring the maximum supported speeds with high-capacity memory kits adds an intriguing dimension. However, for those prioritizing capacity over speed, viable solutions are now readily available.

Source: chi11eddog