Intel Also Announces 9th Gen Core-X Family

Besides the announcement of the Core i9-9900K and 9th generation Core mainstream desktop processors, Intel also announced their 9th generation Core-X HEDT family for the X299 chipset and LGA2066 socket. All of these chips are being fabbed on 14nm++ nodes.

Intel X Series

The new 9th generation Core-X family is made up of the following chips:

  • Core i9-9980XE (18 Core Flagship)
  • Core i9-9960X (16 Core)
  • Core i9-9940X (14 Core)
  • Core i9-9920X (12 Core)
  • Core i9-9900X (10 Core)
  • Core i9-9820X (10 Core)
  • Core i7-9800X (8 Core)

So for this HEDT refresh we are only going to see up to 18 cores, the flagship Core i9-9980XE is an 18-core, 36-thread part, which is the same as the i9-7980XE. But keep in mind Intel is prepping a 28-core chip for launch in December for the LGA3647 socket. The flagship part, the i9-9980XE is set to have an MSRP of $1979.

Intel 9th Gen Core X X299 CPUs

Just like the mainstream 9th generation chips all of these chips will have soldered TIM for better operating temperatures and overclocking. The platform itself will support up to 68 PCIe lanes (44 from the CPU, 24 from the PCH) and of course your have quad channel DDR4 support.

Intel 9th Gen Core X X299 CPUs 2

These chips are built for the LGA2066 socket and will work on current X299 motherboards, with a BIOS update of course.

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