Intel Arc A380 Desktop GPU Is Now Available For Preorder In US

Intel’s Arc A380 GPU is now officially available for preorder in the US. Just for clarity, the card which has gone up for sale at the moment isn’t the GUNNIR Photon graphics card that was featured earlier on in July as part of the desktop GPU debut. The card we are talking about is the ASRock Challenger ITX. It is available for preorder on Newegg, priced at $ 139.99.

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This model from ASRock is a custom design that comes with a single fan and has a moderate overlock speed at 2250 MHz. According to the official specs, this is the first A380 model which comes with a default TDP of 75W, however, it comes with only one 8-pin connector. The HDMI port is merely a 2.0b, which is quite interesting since there are a total of four display connectors and three of them support DisplayPort 2.0 specs.

Intel A380 Newegg

The A380 comes with the full ACM-G11 GPU which has 8 Xe-Cores and a 6 GB memory configuration spread across a 96-bit interface. Some other A380 reviews are suggesting that this card is the entry level model and will compete against NVIDIA’s and AMD’s slowest models such as the GTX 165 or the Radeon RX 6500.
The listing suggests that the cards will be available by 22nd August.

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Via Newegg