Intel Arc Alchemist Lineup Will Feature 7 Desktop Models

The guru of hardware leaks, KOMACHI, is hinting towards at least seven models for the 7 Arc desktop GPUs. These seven models will include the already announced A750, A770, A580, A380, A350, and A310. They have mentioned the A770 8GB SKU for the first time but let’s not put all our money on this as there hasn’t been any official news yet.

Intel ARC Alchemist Desktop

We are still waiting to hear about the full specs on the Arc A-Series and it is very probable that in the next few coming weeks ahead of the launch, it will stay like this. However, we do know that Intel has been planning a Limited Edition of the Arc Alchemist desktop card. This gives us enough indication that this is going to be like a flagship model which will focus the most on performance. All leaks so far suggest that this new part can possibly be named the Arc A780.

We already know about the Arc A770 desktop model which has more than 12.7 GB of VRAM. This model just appeared on the Geekbench leak a couple of days ago. The leak further confirms that the A770 will feature a full ACM-G10 GPU with 32 Xe cores. The tweet from KOMACHI on the other hand suggests that Intel has plans to bring forth another apart which will have a VRAM of 8 GB.

Some previous leaks hinted towards an SKU with 448 Execution Units (28 Xe-Cores) but we are yet to see any signs of that. The A770 8GB or A750 might fit well on this description but so far there have been no new leaks to suggest likewise.

intel arc alchemist

We are still waiting for Intel to officially announce the launch date of the Arc Alchemist desktop series. The Limited Edition SKU will be launched in the summer this year and according to some rumors the Arc A-series desktop will launch towards the third quarter of the year.

Via Komachi