Intel Arc Might Not Get Released In Q1 2022

Intel’s CES 2022 news conference gave plenty of details on 12th Gen Core Alder Lake CPUs. On the other hand, graphics enthusiasts anxiously awaiting updates on Arc GPU were left with uncertain messages.

Intel Arc Release Date

Interestingly enough, the official Arc website has just shown a small update. To the surprise of everyone, Intel has quietly removed the ‘Q1’ release date from the ARC website.

Intel ARC Delay

It could have been brushed under the carpet as an error due to the constant update of websites. But this update was carried over to the whole page, making it clear that it was done on purpose.

This act is very confusing because just two days ago the company announced that Arc is coming in Q1 2022. However, after a couple of days this reaffirmation is being removed from the website.

Graphics lovers may feel a little worried that Arc GPUs may not be available in the first quarter anymore, and even if they are it will be a very restricted launch for the laptops.

Intel reveals that ARC GPUs will be used in desktop prebuilt systems and laptops, but will also be used as add-in-cards from board partners. It was announced by Intel during the CES 2022 conference, that a VISion event will be conducted on May 10th, it could somehow be connected to the Intel Arc launch.Intel Alchemist CES 2022 2

Via Intel