Intel B760 Motherboards For Raptor Lake Reportedly Getting 10% Price Hike Over B660

If you’ve been considering purchasing a new system based on Intel’s 13th-generation Core series (codenamed “Raptor Lake”) but are put off by the hefty cost of Z790 motherboards, don’t worry, Intel may have a solution. The B760 chipset is expected to be released early next month, but it may not save you as much as you think—the most recent leaks from China reveal that B760 boards will be roughly 10% more expensive than current-generation B660 ones.

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This information was provided by the Chinese website ITHome, which in turn obtained it through a now-deleted post on the notorious leaker forum ChipHell. The website indicates that B760 motherboards will begin shipping on December 20 and become accessible to builders on January 5.

The differences between the upcoming B760 chipset and the current Z790 versions have yet to be disclosed by Intel. We may probably expect no overclocking support and less connectivity , especially in terms of PCIe and faster USB solutions. Raptor Lake processors may be used with Alder Lake 600-series motherboards through a BIOS update; therefore, the comparison between B760 and B660 may be more intriguing. According to rumors, B760 motherboards may contain an additional USB Type-C port.

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An updated BIOS is often needed to boot a Raptor Lake CPU in older versions, although Raptor Lake CPUs may be used with any mainboard that supports CPU-less BIOS flashing, such as ASUS’ BIOS Flashback feature. They will likely continue to offer the best value until the channel is cleared of the older boards. As with several other DIY PC components, inexpensive motherboards will become marginally more costly in the future.

Via ITHome