Intel Continues to have 14nm Chip Shortages

Intel really is having trouble with their chip manufacturing business lately. First we saw the late delivery of 10nm, then the shortage of 14nm chips that actually started all the way back in 2018. Intel has tried to remedy this situation by making a $1 Billion investment into extending its 14nm production capacity, but it still seems there will be chip shortages.

intel 14nm

According to a recent DigiTimes report, 14nm production has fallen short of demand once again and will likely cause many notebook manufacturers to delay their products till 2020. The big victim of this delay will more than likely be the newly announced 10th generation mobile CPUs, codenamed Comet Lake. These chips are supposed to be built on Intel’s “14nm+++” technology, but due to the continued shortage of 14nm, there will only be a few notebooks available powered by these chips. Many manufactures will likely delay the launch of their products to 2020 when the shortage is supposed to be resolved.

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