Leaked Roadmap Suggests No 10nm Intel Desktop Parts Till Q3-2020

A new set of Intel slides have been leaked to the web. Just the other day we detailed the upcoming “Comet Lake” CPU Lineup, but according to these slides it looks like we won’t event see those chips or platform until Q1 of 2020. That means that AMD with their new Ryzen 3000 series will have free rein over the processor market until 2020, which does include the very important holiday shopping season.

comet lake 2

Even more disturbing is that the slide below suggests that “Comet Lake” will have a market presence that will last at least Q1 and Q2 2020. This means that the 10nm “Ice Lake” platform won’t arrive on desktop until at least Q3 2020, if not after that.

comet lake 1

The platform diagram for “Comet Lake” was apparently leaked too. It combines a “Comet Lake” 14nm+++ processor with an Intel 400-series PCH, which communicate over DMI 3.0. That platform will continue to use PCI-Express 3.0.

Via XFastest

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