Intel Core i5-10400 gaming performance matches Core i7-9700F

The Intel 10 generation Comet Lake S CPUs are expected to arrive by May 20th. But a China-based review channel was very keen on releasing Core i5-10400 CPU benchmarks. The 10th gen CPU looks promising compared to its previous generation’s Core i7 offerings, according to these screenshots.

Comparable gaming performance

According to TecLab, the 6C/12T Core i5-10400 CPU performance is better than the i7-9400F. This Core-i5 10th gen has SMT, with a base/ boost clock of 2.9 GHz/ 4.3 GHz. The i5-10400 HAS 12MB L3 Cache all priced for $182. Based on the screenshots, these are roughly double the performance of the previous generation based Core i5-9400F.

The gaming tests included Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and tested on 1080p. The i5-10400 scored 175 FPS on GTA V and 67 FPS on Odyssey. In comparison, it exceeds the Core i5-9400F performance. Compared to Core i7-9700F, GTA V gets 177.71 FPS 65 FPS on Odyssey.

AMD Vs Intel: 2020 Edition

These graphs do not include any of AMD’s offering so we’ll have to wait for official reviews to be out. Intel will also need an eye out for AMD Ryzen 4th generation. Intel is readying its 11th generation CPUs with PCIe 4.0 support but nothing is known about its performance. Intel is releasing its B460 chipset with overclocking feature, keeping in par with AMD B450 offerings. But AMD B550 has PCIe 4.0 support, with its pricing comparable with its previous generation. The year 2020 looks like a good year to upgrade your motherboard and CPUs. But we’ll just have to wait for official releases and see how it plays out in the end. Competition is good as it brings the best they can offer to its consumers.

VIA: Tweaktown

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