Intel Core i5-13600HX Mobile CPU Appears With 14 Cores and 20 Threads

It has only been a few months since Intel officially launched its Alder Lake HX-series and now there is already a successor that is being tested. The latest result has been posted on the BAPCo CrossMark website, according to which there appears to be a 14-core and 20-thread Core i5-13600HX sample which is being evaluated.

Core i5 13600HX Specs

The platform detected here is desktop, though we know that the HX series is a desktop silicon but basically on a mobile package. It was the first time that Intel launched a 16-core CPU using a full 8P+8E silicon in May this year.

The 14 cores and 20 threads configuration we are seeing here suggests that Intel is adding 2 Performance cores to its i5-1×600HX tier. So far, no specs such as the TDP limit or the clock speeds have been confirmed. It appears more likely that Intel might stick to its default TDP of 55W for the series. This ensures that laptop manufacturers who are using the Alder Lake HX systems can easily transition.

Core 13600HX vs 12700H

Surprisingly enough, when it comes to performance, the i5-13600H appears to be slower than the Core i7-12700H which features the same configuration and has similar specs such as the DDR4-3200 memory of 32 GB. However, with the TDP getting higher, the performance is improved in this case.

All in all, we are still a bit surprised to see the 13th Gen Core HX series this soon. It remains unclear whether this 13600K will use the Raptor Lake-P silicon with 6 Performance cores or the full desktop variant