Intel Core i5-14490F CPU Leaked With 10 Cores And 5.0 GHz Clock

The i5-14490F, a successor to the 12490F and 13490F, is being readied by Intel for Chinese gamers, as they officially launch the upcoming 14th Gen Core non-K desktop series today, featuring a 65W TDP.

Reportedly, this CPU is said to include 10 cores and 16 threads, with a configuration of 6 P-Cores and 4 E-Cores. Unlike the i5-14400, it employs a distinct silicon, possibly sourced from more advanced SKUs.


Speculations suggest that the i5-14400 might incorporate either C0 or B0 dies, whereas the i5-14490F is expected to utilize the B0 die. This specific die represents the full implementation of Raptor Lake Refresh, featuring 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores. Consequently, the i5-14490F would be a notably scaled-down variant but with a larger memory cache.

As per @wnxod, this component is expected to have a 2.5 GHz base clock and a 5.0 GHz boost clock for P-Cores, indicating a 300 MHz increase compared to the i5-14400. The leaked SKU list from NZXT verified that the i5-14400(F) is anticipated to incorporate both dies, resembling the scenario seen with the current-gen i5-13400.

The 14th Gen Core series is officially scheduled for release on January 8. It’s important to highlight that the i5-14490F could potentially be under a distinct embargo, considering xxx90F SKUs are specifically introduced in the Chinese market. Nevertheless, the existence of a photo may indicate otherwise.


Image: NZXT

Source: @wnxod