Intel Core i7-8086K is Real, Intel’s First 5.0 GHz Processor

Intel will be commemorating 40 years (yes we feel old!) of the 8086 processor, which is the ancestor of the x86 machine architecture that is ruling modern computing. To commemorate 40 years Intel will be releasing a special edition Core i7-8086K, which will have a nominal clock speed of 4.0 GHz with a maximum Turbo Boost speed of 5.0 GHz. This makes it Intel’s first mainstream desktop processor to hit 5.0 GHz out of the box.

8086k 2 8086k 1

This CPU has been listed by a few retailers online already. The chip is more than likely based on a special bin of Intel’s 14nm, 6-core / 12-thread, “Coffee Lake” silicon as opposed to an 8-core chip or something next-gen. Looking at the listings the chip has the retail SKU of “BX80684I78086K.” The chip will be compatible with current 300-series chipset motherboards. The price is around $486, which of course is pricier than the i7-8700K.

Intel is likely to unveil the Core i7-8086K at Computex 2018, which is next week. They will also more than likely be introducing the Z390 Express chipset.

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