Intel Core i7-8700K Hits 7.3GHz On All Cores

Intel’s brand new Core i7-8700K, reviewed by us here, has been taken successfully overclocked to 7.3GHz across all cores. In his usual fashion, Der8auer and a team of renowned overclockers worked with ASUS to pair the 8700K with an ASUS Maximus X Apex motherboard, removing the factory-installed heatsinks and perparing the board for extreme LN2 cooling.

Before working his magic, the team first went through the process of removing the heatspreader from the CPU with his existing tool. Since this chip shares the same external dimensions with previous designs, there is no need for an updated tool. Once the heat spreader was removed, it was revealed that Intel has continued to utilize a thermal interface material instead of solder to connect the spreader and die. It is of note that the TIM used is a new material, and shows some improvements over the previous material.

When all was said and done, a stable overclock of 7.3GHz across all cores was the highest the team was able to achieve. Across various clock speeds, 10 6-core category records were broken.

Der8auer 8700K

Further detailed information can be found over on ASUS’ ROG site: Breaking Records with the Maximux X Apex and i7-8700K