Intel Core i9-10980XE Processor Benchmarked

The guys over at were able to get their hands on the brand new 18-core Intel Core i9-10980XE processor and have put it through its paces. The Core i9-10980XE is based on the “Cascade Lake-X” silicon and will offer almost identical IPC to “Skylake-X”, but Intel has added the AI-accelerating DLBoost instruction-set, an improved multi-core boosting algorithm, and higher clock speeds.

Since the chip is armed with 18 cores it does beat the 12-core AMD Ryzen 9 3900X in most of the rendering and simulation tests, although not by much considering it has six more cores.

And now on to gaming tests, we can see that Intel’s own i9-9900K and i7-8700K are kings in these tests…

You can check out the full review over at

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