Intel Core i9-11900K Overclocked to 7GHz at 1.873V By Rog-Fisher

An overclocker registered as ‘Rog-Fisher,’on the CPU-Z Validation website has recently made an entry stating that he has managed to overclock the flagship Rocket Lake-S series processor, i9-11900K , to 7 GHz. This clock speed was achieved at 1.873 volts. The ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Apex motherboard was used for the overclock. The user has secured all the top 3 overclocking records.

On the other hand, an Indian Youtube Channel named PC Wale uploaded a video of overclocking of the same processor but the YouTuber achieved an overclocker frequency of 6.5 GHz. The speed was achieved at 1.678 volts, using the ROG Maximus XIII Hero motherboard.

Since Intel has supplied the processors, overclockers can’t share any benchmark results until the products are officially released.

Via ValidX86