Intel Core i9-11900K Single-thread Benchmark Surfaces

A tipster provided a link to the CPU-Z validation page where Intel i9-11900K was listed. It houses 8-cores and 16-threads based on Cypress Cove architecture. Intel will officially launch it in March. The Intel Core i9-11900K will most likely be the last S-Series flagship processor to be based on a 14nm chip.

Intel Core i9 11900K 4.7 GHz CPUZ Performance 1536x1163 1

The Core i9-11900K was tested on the latest CPU-Z version, 1.95. This version has support for Rocket Lake-S CPUs; hence the values should be accurate. As per the webpage, the processor achieved a multi-core clock speed of 4.7 GHz while probably operating at the stock settings. The leaked specs mentioned that Core i9 supports Thermal Velocity Boost technology providing a multi-core speed of up to 4.8 GHz and a single-core speed of up to 5.2 GHz.

Update: The test’s author, @VampsLeaks, has confirmed that the processor was operating at stock settings.

Intel Core i9 11900K CPUZ SCORE 1536x584 1

The ASUS ROG Maximus XII Extreme motherboard was used to test the CPU. It is based on the Z490 chipset and uses the 2004 firmware, which fully supports the 11th Gen core series. The motherboard was paired with 32 GB DDR4 RAM operating at 3200 MHz.

Intel Core i9 11900K Geekbench5

As for the scores, the processor scored 716 points in the single-threaded benchmark and 6539 points in the multi-threaded test. It should be noted that this CPU has achieved ST scores higher than 700 points and MT scores of 7000 points.

Via CPU-ZValidator