Intel Core i9-13900HK With 14-cores Gets A Higher Score In New Tests

The Core i9-13900HK will be the top mobile CPU from the Raptor Lake series. The CPU has been tested again with Geekbench software, presumably on the same Samsung system as previously.

According to Intel specifications, this 14-core, 20-thread SKU will surge up to 5.36 GHz, implying 5.4 GHz, which is 400 MHz quicker than the Core i9-12900HK with a maximum boost of 5.0 GHz.

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This processor’s main benefit may be its faster clock. The 13900HK lacks a larger L2 cache than desktop Raptor Lake components, implying that we’re looking at a revised Alder Lake-P silicon. However, it is possible that it is too early to know.
In the single-core Geekbench V5 test, the CPU achieved 1870 points. This is 3% more than the previous time. Additionally, there has been a 5% increase in the multi-core score (12436 points). This is still insufficient to surpass the best 12th Gen Core components, namely the HK and HX models.
Geekbench’s official rankings no longer include the 12th generation Core “Alder Lake-H” CPUs.

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The laptop line will also get a complete Raptor Lake die later, perhaps with all 16 Efficient cores activated. That would undoubtedly improve multi-core performance. However, for the time being, there appears to be little difference between the 13th Gen and 12th Gen H-series CPUs.

via Geekbench