Intel Core i9-13900K And Z790 Motherboards Finally Certified For DDR5-7600 XMP 3.0 Memory

Intel announced the 13th Gen Core series’ specifications at the Innovation 2022 event, including out-of-the-box support for DDR5-5600 memory. However, by using AMD Extended Profiles for Memory Overclocking or Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP) 3.0, current desktop CPUs can facilitate memory overclocking (EXPO).

13900K DDR5 memory

Intel lists XMP 3.0 supported configurations. This is a list of memory manufacturers and the exact CPU, motherboard, and memory models for which they have “self-certified.” The 13th Gen Core series has already been included in this certification list, revealing that the flagship CPU, the i9-13900K, will support DDR5-7600 memory.

The G.Skill RAM on the ASUS Z790 ROG Maximus Hero and Apex boards has the fastest proven XMP profiles. Now that 1.4 Voltage and 36 CAS delay have been proposed, memory like DDR5-7466 or DDR5-7600 should function.

G-Skill DDR5-7600 CL36 – F5-7600J3648G16GX2-TZ5RK
G-Skill DDR5-7466 CL36 – F5-7466J3648G16GX2-TZ5RK
G-Skill DDR5-7466 CL36 – F5-7466J3648G16GX2-TZ5RK


It should be noted that the quickest DDR5 kit from G.Skill currently available is the Trident Z5 RGB, which has a 6600 MT/s speed. The previously stated kits are not yet for sale. AORUS Tachyon from Gigabyte and the ROG Maximum series are two of the more expensive boards that offer the fastest RAM. ROG Strix-F or MSI MPG Carbon, however, are also available and are rated for 7200 MT/s.

At the Innovation event, Intel revealed support for speedier memory “range to 6,660 MT/s and beyond.” It also acknowledged that overclockers could attain rates surpassing 10,000 MT/s, but most Raptor Lake users won’t be able to do that. Although the fast 7200+ DDR5 memory is not currently for sale, these certifications could indicate that this may update soon.


Via Intel XMP 3.0