Intel Core i9-14900KF Overclocked To 9.04 GHz CPU Breaking Previous Frequency Record

The most recent CPU series seems to offer a subtle improvement with slightly increased clock speeds in comparison to the current platform. Nevertheless, when paired with the enhanced Z790 motherboards, it has opened up possibilities for extreme overclocking, as showcased by the ASUS ROG OC team. In ASUS labs, overclocking specialists like SkatterBencher, Elmor, Shamino, and Bing joined forces to push the Core i9-14900KF to achieve clock speeds that broke records, pushing the limits even further for consumer products.


The team used liquid helium as a cooling method to reach a frequency of 9.1 GHz, a technique gaining popularity in extreme overclocking, surpassing liquid nitrogen. This project spanned a full week and resulted in numerous world records for frequency, although not all of them could be verified using CPU-Z. The developers of this tool confirmed that, leading up to the launch of the 14th Gen Core series, some overclockers attempted to manipulate CPU-Z to validate artificially inflated frequencies. The reassuring part is that the CPU-Z development team swiftly identified and addressed these attempts to maintain the validation process’s integrity. Elmor’s team still managed to set a new world record, regardless.

Using ASUS’s latest overclocking motherboard, the ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore, the team successfully reached an impressive frequency of 9043.92 MHz. This accomplishment marked their second time surpassing 9 GHz and the second time it received official validation from the CPU-Z utility, removing any uncertainty.

14900KF OC

The attained score currently holds the record for the highest frequency ever recorded on a desktop CPU, as confirmed by the HWBOT ranking. Unfortunately, the remarkable 9.1 GHz clock speed achieved in this endeavor couldn’t receive official validation, but it seems to be a technicality that should be resolved in the near future.

Elmor and his team have now claimed the top spot in the HWBOT ranking, surpassing their own previous score from the prior year achieved with the Intel 13th Gen Core series. This showcases their unwavering dominance in the realm of extreme overclocking.

14900K OC