Intel Delays 14 nm “Broadwell” Chips to Q1-2014

The Core “Broadwell” SoCs by Intel exclusively for the desktops and the notebooks have been delayed and they are now expected to make their way somewhere earlier in the year 2014; probably by the first quarter. This delay is predominantly due to the delays caused in the production process being faced by the 14 nanometer silicon fabrication node. The chips are supposedly based on these nodes and hence they have to face the delays.

Intel Broadwell Showcase IDF13

The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich has announced that these production delays can cause a halt in the shipment of these ships and eventually they will not be able to ship enough functioning chips. Therefore, it is better for Intel to clear out its production problems first. Some people might assume that these delays in “Broadwell” will lead to delays in the successor, “Skylake”. But this is not the case as it has been confirmed that there won’t be any delays in the successor and delays in the predecessor will not affect its release. Broadwell on the other hand is quite obviously struggling and it’s trying hard to position itself on to mainstream “post-PC” devices. It also forms a very important micro-architecture for Intel and hence cannot afford to stay behind.

Source: CNET | News Archive