Intel Drops “i” From Meteor Lake Core CPUs, Premium Variants Will Adopt “Ultra” Branding

Earlier reports indicated that Intel plans to introduce a fresh naming scheme for its Meteor Lake processors, replacing the current Intel Core iX branding by eliminating the ‘i’. However, the changes for the upcoming Core series go beyond this modification. In the next iteration of the Core family, Intel will also introduce a new segment tiering option.

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As per Intel’s announcement, the upcoming Core 5, Core 7, and Core 9 processors will be released in two variants: Mainstream and Premium. The Premium versions will be labeled with the “Ultra” branding, while the Mainstream versions will not have the Ultra designation. It’s worth noting that the Ultra branding will only be applied to Core 5, 7, and 9 processors, as leaked slides suggest there won’t be any Core Ultra 3 SKUs.

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Intel has officially confirmed that the processor numbering system will undergo adjustments, although the specific details of the final numbering are still being determined. It’s important to consider that the leaked slides may be outdated, as internal sources already have knowledge of the SKU names. The new branding will commence with the “Meteor Lake” series, and the Ultra designation is set to make its debut in the latter half of this year.

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The leaked slides align with the early benchmarks leaks that have surfaced. According to these leaks, the next-generation mobile lineup is expected to deviate from being officially categorized under the “14th Gen Core” family. Instead, it may adopt a nomenclature such as the new “10th Gen,” with subsequent successors utilizing “11XX” SKUs and so forth.

Via TechPowerUp