Intel H610/H670 Motherboard Will Support 13th Gen Core “Raptor Lake-S” CPU Along With SO-DIMM DDR5-5200 Memory

Intel’s Raptor Lake-S is finally going to be supported by a motherboard from MiTAC. It is going to be the first motherboard manufacturer to extend support to Raptor Lake-S on its latest series.

The Raptor Lake-S CPU support has been listed by MiTAC officially. It provides this support on its PH12ADI Mini-ITX industrial motherboard. Talking about the CPU’s non-EEC SO-DIMM memory, it supports a maximum of 5200 MHz, making this faster than the standard 4800 MT/s on JEDEC’s. It will not be wrong of us to believe that this might be the lowest frequency that the SO-DIMM memory will support on Raptor Lake.

Intel Raptor LakeS 1

We must keep in mind that this is the enterprise motherboard which features a low-end H610 or maybe a Q670 rather than the consumer mid-range or high-end chipset. With many other changes, the 700 series chipsets will introduce some new innovations as far as the power delivery is concerned. We might also be seeing support for memory with higher frequency.

Coming to the PH12ADI motherboard, it is based on a mini-ITX form factor which will have support for on the SO-DIMM mobile memory. This sadly does not confirm whether it will support the desktop U-DIMM memory on Raptor Lake or not. From the looks of it, it doesn’t appear likely that this will happen. However, one thing is for sure that Raptor Lake is able to support faster memory on the current generation motherboards too.

Via VideoCardz