Intel Is All Set To Launch High-End Alder Lake-HX CPU Series For Laptops

Intel is ready to introduce its high-end Alder Lake-HX CPU series for laptops in the market. The latest news on UserBenchmark has just appeared featuring the unreleased 12th Gen Core part called i7-12650HX. Intel has only released a 12650H variant based on Alder Lake-P silicon so far. Intel is reportedly expected to add new models for laptops based on the 16-core desktop silicon but on the BGA package. It will feature 8 Performance and 8 Efficient cores, which is an upgrade over 6+8 on the Alder Lake-P chip.

Intel Core i7 12650HX Specs

This leak is confusing as it suggests that Core i7-12650HX actually has a different configuration than i7-12650H. The chip would offer just as many cores as the i7-12700H CPU, which is 14-cores and 20-threads. This means a 6P+8E configuration and therefore a cut-down Alder Lake-S silicon.

Alder Lake S Laptops

Alder Lake-HX series was mentioned in leaked Intel slides in 2021 as the H55 series with TDP ranging from 45 to 55W. The 6C+8c parts were, however, not listed in the slide.
The company itself has not made any announcements regarding the possible Alder Lake-HX launch so far. We have previously witnessed Intel-based high-end gaming systems being deployed by laptop manufacturers. It raises a question as to where could 12th Gen Core HX series go into.
According to the information to date, it is expected that two HX parts will be released: a full-fledged 8+8 silicon, perhaps called i9-12900HX or 12980HX, and the part that has just been leaked, the i7-12650HX.

Intel Core i7 12650HX Performance

Via UserBenchmark, VideoCardz