Intel Is Already Testing Its Next-Gen Arc “Battlemage” BMG-G10 GPU In The Labs

Andreas Schilling (Editor of Hardwareluxx) has shared that Intel apparently has its upcoming Arc gaming GPUs with the codename Battlemage currently being tested in their labs.

In a recent event, Intel organized a press tour of its Malaysian factory and testing facilities. This tour welcomed tech editors and journalists from around the globe to get an inside look at Intel’s developments for both client and data center applications. Among the highlights of the tour were sneak peeks at the 5th Gen Xeon “XCC” CPUs, Meteor Lake dies showcasing a 6+8 configuration in C0 stepping, and notably, a view of the Battlemage GPUs in operation within the failure labs.

IMG 7541

Following the conclusion of the hardware division’s collaboration with Alchemist, it was already understood that Intel was progressing with the development of Arc Battlemage GPUs. Confirmation has now emerged that Intel has these initial Battlemage chips running within their labs. Positioned as the successor to the Alchemist ACM-G10 that presently drives the Arc A770 and Arc A750 GPUs, the Battlemage BMG-G10 is expected to adopt this role. While reports suggest the Battlemage GPUs will encompass both Xe2-HPG and Xe2-LPG variations, the present design appears to cater to discrete graphics solutions.

Anticipated for the latter half of 2024, Intel’s Battlemage series is projected to deliver higher performance levels, serving as not only a potent solution on its own but also poised to energize upcoming integrated GPUs (iGPUs) like those anticipated in the 2025 Lunar Lake series. The Arc Battlemage GPUs are speculated to leverage the TSMC 4nm process node, accompanied by innovative cooling technologies, architectural enhancements, and additional features.

IMG 7540

Sourced from Hardwareluxx, the image displays Intel’s labs situated in Malaysia. The testing tools intended for Intel’s Battlemage Arc GPUs have been readied and are presently accessible for verification and debugging purposes. Having secured the initial silicon, Intel’s progress with the upcoming generation of Arc gaming products appears to be proceeding seamlessly. The efforts of the Blue team have been dedicated to bolstering the software ecosystem, introducing novel features and refining driver optimizations. These initiatives are poised to facilitate the evolution of the next Arc iteration, which holds the promise of surpassing its predecessor, Alchemist.

Source & Image: HardwareLuxx