Intel Lunar Lake To Feature “Lion Cove” P-Core and “Skymont” E-Core Architectures

Intel has issued a series of updates about its Lunar Lake CPU lineup, with the most notable being the commencement of development on the advanced integrated graphics architecture named Xe2, also referred to as “Battlemage.”

IMG 7070

This architecture will also be integrated into the Lunar Lake GPU component. The term “Lunar Lake” denotes Intel’s upcoming consumer CPU design, which comes after Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake. This novel approach involves a disaggregated design featuring distinct CPU, SOC, and GPU tiles.

Significantly, these codenames were initially linked with Arrow Lake, a product intended to serve a diverse spectrum of CPUs, spanning from entry-level to high-end. In comparison, Lunar Lake has a clear focus on energy-efficient devices, which could account for the overlapping utilization of these core designs across both series.

IMG 7069

Intel has restated its goal of achieving production readiness for the Lunar Lake series by the latter part of 2024. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain whether the series will indeed be poised for launch within that same year.

Source & Image: Intel