Intel Reveals Arc GPU Made Out Of LEGOs

Fans of Intel Arc recently got the chance to view a unique project created by one of the company’s workers. Zach Hill, one of the tech marketing executives, is in the process of creating a life-size LEGO model of the ARC desktop GPU. This project’s objective is to replicate an actual desktop Arc A750 graphics card using LEGO bricks. Zach has been working on this project with LEGO’s accessible 3D building tools.

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During the Intel Creators Office Hours, a new type of project was shown off instead of the usual Blender, 3D graphics, or AI art discussions. Noting that this project is not yet completed and not yet ready for publication is essential. It took six months to complete the project in its current condition, during which time several adjustments were made.

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Zach has been active with LEGO designs for years, and he even contributes to a blog that reviews new sets and components. He has considerable knowledge of available LEGO bricks and how to assemble them, ensuring that the completed product will look as excellent as is feasible with LEGOs. The LEGO Arc GPU was inspired by comparable and official sets like the Atari and Nintendo consoles, which are “nearly” exact replicas of the iconic game consoles of the past.

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This effort by Colorful was the closest we got to a LEGO graphics card. As part of their LEGO-based gaming PC, they created this RTX 4090 Vulcan graphics card. Obviously, this project is far less comprehensive than the Arc.

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Zach’s project might wind up on the public BrickLink site once it is complete, allowing others to order and build it independently. If Intel approves and promotes the idea on the LEGO Ideas page, it might become the official LEGO project, but only if it receives 10,000 votes from the community within six months.

Via Tom’s Hardware