Intel Roadmap Confirms X99 Chipset and DDR4

Many people have been wondering when we will see more high-end extreme enthusiast processors from Intel. The last Extreme processors Intel released were the LGA2011 Sandy Bridge-E chips. We do know that we will see Ivy Bridge-E processors in Q3 2013, but it seems just a year after Ivy Bridge-E launches it will be replaced by the Haswell-E platform. Haswell-E will be compatible with the X99 chipset that we have been hearing about for a while now and will bring DDR4 to consumers.

Haswell-E Roadmap

We already know that Ivy Bride-E will be compatiable with the LGA 2011 socket, but it seems that Haswell-E will be too. Although the slides so say LGA 2011-3, which could mean we could see a LGA 2013 socket. We assume this may be true as Haswell-E will be the first platform to bring DDR4 to consumers, so we expect LGA 2013 boards to be released that would have DDR4 DIMM slots. Another theory is that the socket would remain the same and you could use your Haswell-E processor on socket 2011 boards with the X79 chipset. But if you wanted to get DDR4 support you would have to get a newer socket 2011 board that uses the X99 chipset. It’s glad to know we won’t have to wait two years for an Ivy Bridge-E refresh.

Intel 9-Series Roadmap

Another slide shows Intel’s transition from Z87 to Z79 and H87 to H97. These new chipsets will support Intel’s Broadwell processors. Broadwell will also be backwards compatible with the Z87 chipset, but the Z97 chipset will offer SATA Express, Boot Guard, and RST13 w/SRT. The 9-series platform and Broadwell processors are expected to launch about a year from now.

Source: VR-Zone | News Archive

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