Intel Rocket Lake-S Benchmarked!

Last week we detailed Intel’s upcoming Rocket Lake-S platform, which is designed for desktop users. Rocket Lake-S is expected early in 2021 (Q1) and will be another 14nm product. This time we are however getting real changes in the architecture design. For more information on that check out our post from last week.

The first known benchmark of a Rocket Lake-S processor has been discovered. It is from Userbenchmark and shows an unknown eight-core Rocket Lake CPU which has been compared to Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake-S processors. This CPU ran at 4.2 GHz and scored a single core score of 179. This is compared to the 152 points of the Core i9-10900K running at 5.3 GHz. This shows an increase of 18%. If we compare to the equivalent 8-core, 16-thread Core i7-10700K which scores 148 points in the test the Rocket Lake chip is 22% faster. This shows a massive single-thread performance increase, but as we always say take this information with a grain of salt.

rocket lake benchmark

Via WCCFTech

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