Intel Says Arc A770 Is Around 14% Faster Than GeForce RTX 3060 With Raytracing On

Intel has been caught frequently comparing the Arc A7 series with NVIDIA’s RTX 3060. This time Intel has been seen comparing its flagship A770 and the new sample of game tests has ray tracing enabled.

1080p gaming ray tracing 1

The new set of games shows the A770 being 14% faster on average. However, there are four gaming titles in this comparison that show better performance with NVIDIA’s GPU. For comparison’s sake, the NVIDIA GPU has 28 RT Cores whereas we don’t have any official specs for Intel’s Arc A770 yet. We are expecting it to feature the full ACM-G10 GPU with a total of 32 Xe Cores.


Intel has also provided for the first time the official benchmarks for it’s a-series GPU which comes with XeSS enabled. So far this technology hasn’t been released in any game even though Intel had promised that it would be available by ‘early summer’.

arc ray tracing hardware 1

Intel has now shared its comparison for XeSS for both Balanced and Performance modes. In the Performance mode, the framerate can almost double in a few cases but mostly it stays between 40% to 113% in native resolution. The Balanced mode on the other hand gives a higher FPS ranging between 26% to 77%.

1440p gaming ray tracing 1

Intel’s Arc Alchemist architecture comes with a new core called ‘Thread Sorting Unit’. This core is behind the Asynchronous Ray Tracing and helps to maximize the utilization of Xe-Cores.

Intel has also revealed the Batman Knight which is to launch on October 21st and will come with ray tracing acceleration support with Intel’s Arc GPUs. We are quite hopeful that by this time the company’s high-end desktop Arc GPUs will be up on sale.

Via Intel