Intel Shipping Its Core i9-12900KS To First Customers Ahead Of The Embargo

It has been reported that a US retailer has already shipped Intel Core i9-12900KS orders before the official sale embargo. Someone named DAGINATSUKO was able to buy the CPU before the embargo ended. This is reported to be the first batch of i9-12900KS CPUs and the OPN code is SRLDD, supporting the AVX-512 instructions.

Intel Core i9 12900KS 2 1200x900 1

We are not sure about the price of the CPU, but the CPU was listed for around 790 USD before it was removed. The CPU we have been discussing is probably the first to go in the hands of a buyer.

The Core i9-12900KS is the pre-binned 16-core and 24-thread SKU with a maximum single-core boost of 5.5 GHz. The launch date has not been confirmed yet , however, we did see a lot of teasers by Intel since CES 2022. As we know that Ryzen 7 5800X3D is officially launching on April 20th, 12900KS is also expected to be launched very soon.


The CPU has increased the base clock of Performance cores to 3.4 GHz (+200 MHz) and boost to 5.5 GHz (+300 MHz). Moreover, it features a higher PBP/MTP (base and max power) to 150W (+25W) and 260W (+19W) respectively.

Via Videocardz

Image Credits: DAGINATSUKO