Intel Shows off Graphics Card Prototype Renders at GDC

At the very start of their GDC 2019 keynote Intel showed off their very first designs for their upcoming consumer graphics cards. Intel designer and artist Christiano Siquera showed off the very first shroud design, which was actually published back in December 2018. You can see it below, it sort of looks like an old generic mini GPU.

intel render 1

Intel has since moved on from that design to something that looks very similar to their Optane 905P PCI-Express solid state drive. This design has the same flared diagonal lines and more angular look. It does appear that the card will have a single blower-style fan as well.

intel render 4

The rear of the card was shown as well, which has a full-cover backplate. The size of these renders are interesting, it makes you wonder what the performance of the cards will be.

intel render 3

Keep in mind these are renders and will obviously change over time. Do not expect these to be the final version of the cards.

Via TechRadar.

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