Intel Teases its Upcoming Gaming Xe-HPG GPU Architecture

During the GDC 2021 (online game developer conference), Intel showcased a short video teaser about its latest CPU and GPU game architectures.

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Intel has also released another teaser video in which an energy beam is being directed towards the Xe-LP chip. Upon contact, The beam dissects the processor into 5 layers which probably indicates that the processor will have 5X the Execution unit counts. The Xe-LP DG1 GPU had a maximum of 96 EUs, so we can assume that the Xe-LP chip will have 480 EUs.

Intel hasn’t given any details on the Xe-HPG architecture, but they have confirmed that an external foundry will manufacture the Xe-HPG architecture-based processors. Rumors also suggest that the Xe-HPG DG2 family will feature three variants of GPUs: 512EU, 384EU, and 128EU. The high-end variant will compete against AMD Navi 22 and NVIDIA GA104 GPU.

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The Xe-HPG architecture is expected to launch this year. The teaser’s binary code is not decoded yet.

Via Twitter