Intel Tiger Lake-U bests over AMD Renoir APUs in 3DMark graphics test

While it too early to say anything, a leaked 3DMark graphics, a 3DMark 11 graphics test revealed the scoring of the Tiger Lake-U based Core i7-1165G7 processor. The overall graphics score is 6912 and physics test scoring 6912 points. Based on these numbers, its graphics performance seems to be doing better compared to benchmarks leaks of the upcoming AMD Ryzen 7 4800 U Renoir APUs. The soon to be released APU made a 6121 graphics score and 11917 physics core.

Battle of mini PCs with on-chip graphics?

3DMark 11 Performance Tiger Lake U Core i7 1165g7

The forgettable numbering scheme of the Tiger Lake-U processor is going to be used in NUC 11 Extreme and other variants, according to previous reports. It is also noted that ASROCK will be using the Ryzen 4000 series APU in its SSF barebone builds. While AMD Renoir APUs are going to be released soon, Intel is likely to be not anywhere far behind.

The Core i7-1165G7 will be based on Willow Cove architecture with Gen12 Xe on-chip graphics. This is a four-core/ eight-thread processor clocked at 2.8/ 4.4 GHz. The previous generation flagship was The R7 4800U is also an eight-core APU, based Zen 2 process with Vega Compute Units.

Are 3DMark 11 benchmarks relevant for today’s CPUs and GPUs?

These benchmarks are done on 3DMark 11, a ten-year-old benchmark utility that is nor made to test newer CPUs. So comparing the physics and the overall scores between them do not make sense. It does make sense to compare graphics scores to some extent. But we should see the new information coming out in a few days.

Progress in mainstream CPUs

AMD also worked on Matisse Refresh CPUs to fill in the gap against Intel’s 10th generation LGA 1200 CPUs. It will release the mid-end B550 range of motherboards and eventually A520 lineups. Intel’s plans with its processors are likely to be similar. So it should interesting to see how things unfold between the two processor makers.

Source: Toms Hardware

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