Intel To Launch 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” In October

ECSM, a Chinese media renowned for revealing unreleased hardware information, has reported that Intel has outlined its plans for the upcoming year, which will encompass a minimum of two significant product updates. These updates involve not only the anticipated Raptor Lake Refresh for the client desktop platform but also the Sapphire Rapids Refresh for the next Xeon W2500/W3500 series.

While there have been numerous leaks about the Raptor Lake Refresh, also known as the 14th Gen Core series, including some recent ones this week, there hasn’t been any previous mention of Intel considering a refresh for its workstation HEDT (High-End Desktop) platform. This development is entirely new and unexpected.

IMG 5974

According to the leaker, the upcoming Raptor Lake Refresh will enjoy support from all Intel 600 and 700 motherboards. This extension of compatibility will effectively prolong the lifespan of the LGA1700 platform by at least another year. Additionally, the Xeon W-2500 and W-3500 series are expected to serve as a seamless drop-in replacement for the W790 platform, following the same extended compatibility approach.


Alleged Intel Launch Schedule:

•Raptor Lake Refresh-K: October 2023
•Raptor Lake Refresh non-K:November/December 2023
•Sapphire Rapids Refresh: early 2024 (Xeon W2500/W3500)
•Meteor Lake-H: Q4 2023
•Meteor Lake-S: Canceled
•Arrow Lake-S: Q4/2024 – Q1/2025

According to the source, the cancellation of Meteor Lake-S means that there won’t be a genuine update for the client desktop until at least Q4 2024. The source suggests that Arrow Lake-S is expected to arrive around that time, making it the earliest potential update. Consequently, there will be no Intel Core branding update for the desktop platform until then.

Via Videocardz