Intel Unveils low-power Silvermont Microarchitecture

When it comes to the processors inside most mobile devices they are going to be ARM-based processors. Intel wants to change that with their next generation Atom chip codenamed Silvermont. These new SoC (System on Chip) processors are made using a 22nm manufacturing process, offer 3 times the performance and (in some cases) will use 5 times less power as current Atom core processors.

intel silvermont

Silvermont is designed for the mobile arena and the architecture supports up to eight cores. Some of the key features include power sharing between GPUs and SoC IPs and being able to manage burst frequency based on thermal, electrical and power delivery constraints. Expect to see Silvermont in Ultrabooks, tablets, and mobile devices. Silvermont could strengthen Intel’s mobile strategy, which has been a little neglected lately.

Source: Intel | News Arhive

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