Intel’s Core i3-7350K to be Absent From Initial Kaby Lake Launch

Many people have been excited about the Core i3-7350K processor. The main reason is because it will be Intel’s first Core i3 processor that has an unlocked multiplier which will allow for overclocking. Well it seems like this processor as well as well as its entry-level Celeron and Pentium families of processors will be absent from the company’s initial Kaby Lake launch this week.


This is definitely a let down to someone who is on a budget for a PC build. The Core i3-7350K is expected to be priced at $175 and should carry with it a base clock of 4 GHz with the possibility to overclock up to 5 GHz on air. The delay is most likely because Intel does not want to cannibalize its i5 7400 processors by the less expensive chip. The higher performance is because the chip has a 1 GHz higher extra base clock speed and being the only Core i3 desktop part to feature Turbo Boost.

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