Lenovo’s Awesome Touchpad That’s Also A Keyboard

Having the full keyboard and mouse experience in an easy to handle form factor has been a difficult task for anyone who has tried. Lenovo is the latest to attempt it with their 500 Media Controller, and I think they really have hit the nail on the head. Every key on the keyboard is part of the touchpad and you can easily tap to click. Lenovo’s 500 Media Controller could be the keyboard and mouse combo you’ve always been looking for.

Anyone who has an HTPC, is using Steam Link, or just wants to sit further away from their monitor and doesn’t want to try to balance a keyboard on their lap and use their leg as a tracking surface for a mouse, will be interested in Lenovo 500 Media Controller. Lenovo has accomplished up to 8 months of battery life with 2 AAA batteries, and its touchpad easily tracks your fingers or gestures such as 3 fingers up to show task switcher in Windows, or pinch to zoom. If you don’t like the feeling of the touchpad, the sensitivity can be adjusted with a button on the device. It has 80 physical keys and 6 media keys with wireless connectivity being supplied by an included nano USB dongle.

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Be on the lookout for Lenovo’s 500 Media Controller in March 2017 for $54.95.

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