Lenovo Smart Assistant Is A Cheaper Amazon Echo

Products like Philips Hue and Belkin WeMo have made it easy to control lights and other devices in your home. Introduce Amazon Echo into the mix, and saying something as simple as, ‘Alexa, turn on the Kitchen lights’ makes controlling your devices even easier. Lenovo has created Smart Assistant which can accomplish the same tasks as Echo but at a lower price point.

Lenovo Smart Assistant is priced at $129.99 which is $50 cheaper than Amazon Echo. They are about the same size, both feature voice input and a lighted ring around the top to let you know when the device is listening. Most importantly Lenovo Smart Assistant utilizes Alexa’s API, which means it supports exactly the same commands as any of Amazon’s Echo devices. You can control Philips Hue bulbs, WeMo, TP-Link’s smart home products, and much more. The other awesome thing is Lenovo Smart Assistant also appears in Alexa’s mobile app, so it is easy to manage it right alongside any other Echo device you might have.


Lenovo is also releasing a version of Smart Assistant with Harman Kardon speakers for much improved sound quality for $179.99. Each version of Smart Assistant will launch in May 2017.

Another entry in Lenovo’s Smart Home products is Smart Storage. It is a NAS with capacities from 2TB to 6TB with SATA HDDs. Network connectivity is 802.11ac in a 2×2 configuration or wired 1Gbps Ethernet. Smart Storage is going to launch May 2017 for $129.99.


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