Lenovo Makes Troubleshooting Your ThinkPad Easy With New Diagnostic App

When it comes to troubleshooting an issue with a laptop it is a much more complicated thing than a laptop, especially with Ultrabooks where many of the components are soldered on the board these days. Lenovo wants to make the process of finding what is wrong with your laptop an easy process. They have accomplished that with their new PC Diagnostic App.

This app works on your mobile device. If you are having an issue with your ThinkPad, you open the app and press the ThinkPad code button. This will start listening, from there press and hold down the function key on your ThinkPad. You will head a few audible beeps. The app will pick these up and from there you can see what is wrong with your ThinkPad, the severity of the issues, actions to resolve the issue, the model number of your laptop, how longer it is under warranty, and how to contact Lenovo.

This not only makes it easier for the consumer to see what is wrong with their system, but also makes it easier for Lenovo to help a customer. This feature is available on all 2017 ThinkPads.


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