Intel’s “Raptor Lake” Desktop CPU Will Feature Up To 68MB Of L2/L3 Cache

OneRaichu has recently posted a leaked screenshot of what can possibly be the cache configuration of the Intel 13th Gen Core. We still aren’t sure whether this is the flagship Raptor Lake CPU or not, so we are going to refrain from guessing random SKU names at this point. One thing is quite clear, however, that this screenshot shows 8 big cores and 16 small cores and we know that this is the configuration for Intel’s upcoming CPU.

Intel Raptor Lake CACHE

The 13th Gen Core series by Intel will feature an all new performance core architecture which has been named as the Raptor Cove. Each of these cores is going to come with more cache than before, however, the number of cores is going to remain the same even till the next generation. This has also been confirmed by the screenshot.

We have been hearing about the 12th Gen Core Alder Lake series and for reminder’s sake let’s recall what the specs say. The series will feature an L2 cache of 1280 KB and an L3 cache of 3072 KB on each of the performance cores. Thanks to the hybrid architecture, there will be two clusters of four Gracemont/Efficient cores. These cores are connected to L2 and L3 cache individually of 2048 KB and 3072 KB respectively.

OneRaichu has posted a screenshot from the CPU-Z software and it allows us to see the configuration of the L1, L2, and L3 cache. It has been confirmed from this that the L2 cache is going to get 2 MB for each of its big cores and 4 MBs for a cluster of the small cores.

A screenshot from CPU-Z software posted by OneRaichu shows the configuration of L1, L2, and L3 caches. It seemingly confirms that the L2 cache (third row) will get 2MB per each ‘big’ core and 4MB per a cluster of small cores.


There are 16 small cores and hence four clusters. This means that the configuration is a total of 32 MB for the L2 cache and 36 MB for the L3 cache. This means that the total configuration stands at 68 MB. This is 24 MB more than Alder Lake.

Via VideoCardz